10 reasons why you should drink water in copper vessels

10 reasons why you should drink water in copper vessels

In Hinduism copper utensils have a special place. Copper is always preferred in cooking for prasad. Sandhyavandam involves using copper utensils. It turns out that this has health benefits too.

# Reducing Acidity

Copper dissolves in water in a tiny amount. This tiny amount of copper reduces acidity in stomach. It helps in better functioning of intestines and digestive processes by killing the harmful gut bacteria.

# Weight Loss

Copper increases your metabolism and your body's ability to break down fat.

# Healing Power 

Copper has always been hailed as anti-bacterial substance. Hot copper was often used to treat skin infections and wound infections. Drinking from copper cups helps in getting your wound healed faster.

# Slows down aging

Copper is full of anti-oxidants and will ensure your skin remains beautiful for a longer time period than usual.

# Avoid Cancer

Studies have shown that a small amount of copper in the intake can reduces chances of getting cancer later in life. The exact reasons are not known.

# Beats anaemia

Copper aids in improving quality of blood and removing anaemia especially for females. Copper is an important ingredient for the related metabolic processes in the body.

# Thyroid function

Copper improves functioning of one of the most important glands in our body namely Thyroid.

# Join pain

Regular consumption of copper ensures that your joints remain well lubricated and strong even later in life.

# Brain function

Human brain uses tiny electrical pulses to communicate and process. The cells that are responsible for carrying this electrical pulses need copper to run optimally. Copper helps in building what is called myelin sheath which is actually and out covering of each neuron.

# Heart Health

Copper is useful to reduce blood pressure and promote healthy heart. It reduces a person's chances of getting a heart attack.

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