Benefits of reading Hanuman Chalisa

Benefits of reading Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa as a potent mantra

In the Hindu religion recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa holds a special significance. Created by Goswami Tulsidas this compilation of 40 chaupaiyees is written in praise of Lord Hanuman.   A daily recitation of the same can remove a lot of problems of your life  .  Each verse of Hanuman Chalisa has its own significance. Reciting it especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays can make you safe from the clutches of Shani.  This and many more benefits of reading Hanuman Chalisa  are mentioned below.


  • Ward off spirits- This is one of the most important benefits of  reading Hanuman Chalisa. In fact, many times even TV shows and Bollywood movies have shown actors reciting the Chalisa. They do it especially when in grave danger. This is because Lord Hanuman keeps the evil spirits at bay. If you recite his name then you will stay away from all scary thoughts and ideas as well.

  • Reduce the effect of Shani Sade saati – Worshipping Lord Hanuman is  the best way to reduce impact of Shani’s presence.  Lord Hanuman saved Shani’s life at one point of time. Ever since Shani promised to Hanuman that none of his believers will ever be troubled by him.

  • Forgiving Sins-  Lord Hanuman is an extremely forgiving God.   He answers a person’s prayers quite quickly is a fact which cannot be denied.  It is recommended that you read the Hanuman Chalisa at night before sleeping. It will ensure that Lord Hanuman forgives your sins and grants you penance.

  • Removing obstacles of life-  If a person is able to read Hanuman Chalisa at night  he comes under divine protection.  Absolute faith and the right attitude will get you the blessings of Hanuman. With the recital of Hanuman Chalisa; you can achieve whatever you desire for.

  • To have a safe journey- At times we see small figurines of Lord Hanuman near the dashboard of cars. This is because of the belief that Lord Hanuman helps you in reaching the destination safely. By reading Hanuman Chalisa  before leaving for an important work or destination your chances of achieving success become quite high.

Apart from the above reading Hanuman Chalisa helps in removing negative vibes from your life. It also helps to gain divine and spiritual wisdom and strength. Most people believe in this miracle and have their wishes come true just by reading this simple book .