Unknown Mahabharata stories - Part 2

Unknown Mahabharata stories - Part 2

Mahabharata stories

In continuation with our previous article on Mahabharata stories, we present to you some more of the same. Hopefully, these intriguing stories would provide you more insights into the rules of Dharma at that time.

Karna and Krishna

One day Karna was applying hair oil in his head. For that purpose, he was using a gold cup which he was holding in his left hand. Krishna went up to him and asked him to partake of that golden cup. Karna immediately handed over the golden cup to him. Krishna told Karna that giving things by the left hand is not right.

On hearing that Karan clarified that his right hand is smeared with oil and by the time he goes back to wash it his fickle mind might just have a change and he may refuse to give the cup. Krishna was taken aback by Karna high standards of moral and on the second day of war told Arjuna that even though Karna is an enemy he is a person with high principles.

  • Sahdeva and Pandu

Mahabharata stories

When Pandu was about to die he asked one of his sons to eat his brain. While all other refused Sahdev came forward and took the initiative. With each bite, he came to know of all the past , present and future happenings of the world. Since Sahdev knew everything that would happen in future he knew about the war as well however he chose to keep quiet on it. Duryodhana knew Sahdev was learned man and so he asked him to tell the most auspicious moment to start the war.  Sahdev willingly gave him the required information eventhough he knew Duryodhana was his enemy.

Iravan and Krishna

Iravan, the son of Arjun and naga princess Uloopi, sacrificed himself to Kali to ensure the victory of his father and his team in the Kurukshetra war. However, he wanted to marry a girl before dying. Hence Krishna took the form of Mohini and married Iravan. Once Iravan passed away Krishna wept like a widow for him.

The Udupi king

King of Udupi did not want to take any sides and hence he said that we would feed food to all the soldiers. Every day many people would die however the food made would be exactly the amount that is needed for so many people. When asked how he knows how to balance the amount of food each day he replied that I go to Krishna each night. Krishna loves to eat boiled groundnuts and each night I give him some to eat. The number of groundnuts he eats tells me how many people are going to die the next day and so I prepare the food accordingly.

  • Karna and Bhanumathi

Mahabharata stories

Once Karna was playing dice with Duryodhan’s wife Bhanumathi. His back was towards the entrance door of the chamber while Bhanumathi sat facing the door. It was apparent that Karna was winning the game. Subsequently, Duryodhan comes in at that moment and in a huff, Bhanumathi gets up to welcome him. Since Karna could not see him coming he hastily pulls at her pallu thinking she is going away. This leads to the pearls attach to the saree falling down.

Karna then sees what has happened and feels very embarrassed. However, Duryodhana being the perfect friend does not misunderstand. He then says "Should I just collect the beads, or string them as well."

In this concluding part of Mahabharata stories, we have shared  some interesting information that you probably did not know. Please let us know how you liked the two articles and whether you would want us to share more Mahabharata stories with you.