Ramayana - Truth or story

Ramayana - Truth or story


In spite of being a truly religious country there are still people who refuse to believe in existence of Ram and the story of Ramayana. Here we are going to give you some proofs about legend of Ramayana and the truth behind it.

Kobra hood cave Sri Lanka


A cave situated in Sigiriya Sri Lanka has been checked multiple times by archaeologists. Research has proved that it is a totally natural cave and no man has made it. According to stories, this is the place where Sita was kept as a prisoner. There are paintings to prove that fact. These paintings prove that this cave is very ancient.

Hanuman Gadhi

This temple is located in the center of Ayodhya. Hanuman Gadhi is actually a cave where you reach after climbing down many steps. According to stories, Hanuman used to stay here and protect Lord Ram’s janmabhoomi . Steps of Hanuman


The footsteps of Lord Hanuman can be seen in Nuvar aelia and its temples. People from far off come to see these footsteps.

Proof from NASA

NASA has also released proofs which match with the above facts. It has generated photos of a bridge between India and Sri Lanka. This is a mysterious bridge which is 30 kilometers long.

According to these pictures, it is evident that there was a bridge constructed between both countries. The way it has been made shows that it is a human construction.


Time and history

Archaeological investigations prove that in Sri Lanka humans started living nearly 1750000 years back. At the same time the bridge is also believed to have been constructed.

Floating stone

According to Ramayana, the stones were made to float in order to make the bridge. You can see this sight if you go to Rameshwaram. If you put a stone in this water it would start floating. Ramayana

Shri pad Mountain It would be interesting for you to know that Shri Pad Mountain located in sudur district in Shri Lanka is probably the Dronagiri Mountain which Lord Hanuman had got from the Himalayas to save Lakshman’s life. This is because the trees and plants on the mountain are fairly big and different from the other trees present in the area.

Earthly proofs

We have proofs in Ramayana which show Lord Ram’s birth as 10 January 5114. Apart from that the places where he had been to or where he was born has paintings which prove Lord Ram’s existence.

Ravan’s story

In Sri Lanka it is said that 6 airports were constructed by Ravan. Apart from Pushpak viman Ravan had many other airplanes too. If he wanted to go out of Sri Lanka he used these airplanes.

Gravitational issues

You may remember that once Hanuman had to get a mountain to save the life of Lakshman. But a piece of that mountain fell near South Sri Lanka. Here we see a lot of gravitational disorder. If we see the 3D map of that area then it looks as if the whole of Sri Lanka would drown in that whole.

 Ramavtar Sharma

Ramavtar Sharma has analyzed the distance between Ajodhya and Sri Lanka. Apart from that he even gathered all the proofs and information on the way and even published them. In Valmiki Ramayana, there is information on the various plants and trees present on the way. A group of Indian scientists went through the path and discovered that those trees and plants are still present there.