Hindu schools closing down because of Right to Education Law (RTE)

Hindu schools closing down because of Right to Education Law (RTE)

Right to Education law which is applicable only to Hindu run private schools had made it nearly impossible for Hindus to run and operate private schools. To add insult to the injury government pretends to give some compensation to the schools for the 25% seats that these schools are force to allot to the government. But no school has received the compensation.

Schools are now left with the choice to either shut down or increase fees.

"Almost 2,000 schools have shut down this year due to no reimbursements being received. We will wait till August end or September as per RTE Government reimbursements rule. If nothing turns up, the first step will be to boycott admissions and we will not register our name in online process for next year. Majority of our schools have not received a single penny since 2013 and therefore it is very tough to run the school." [source]

Jagruti Dharmadhikari, a Pune based Educationalist who is also a found of Independent English Schools Association told to the news reporters.

Under the complicated and restrictive rules of RTE, these schools have to give 25% of their seats for free to the government. Government then conducts lotteries to distribution these seats among the applicants. However most applicants only want a specific school and if they don't get it they do not accept the seat. As a result thousands of seats in these schools remain vacant. Not only that these vacant seats must be kept vacant for next 10 years.

A lot of school capacity is thus destroyed by RTE while forcing schools to operate under serious cash crunch.

Thousands of schools across the country are closed down because of RTE.