Why Ghar Wapasi is a must if India has to survive

Why Ghar Wapasi is a must if India has to survive

One must be free to chose the path she wants. However when realized that the path was wrong a person must also be free to walk back and take up a different path.

It is clear world over that Islam is a problem. Muslim people are victims of Islam and deserve our sympathies and help. Even in a material outward sense it is important that Muslims be shown a better path then their own and encouraged to walk on the new path. Contrary to what people might think the history of Arabia and Persia prior to Islam is glorious. Both the regions had very rich pagan traditions and they should be very proud of their forefathers.

Going back to the roots

There is no need to make converts turn back to "Hinduism". There is no need to explicitly ask them to worship one God or another. Instead they must be encouraged to chose their path of worship and choice of Gods if possible they should be helped to understand what their forefathers have worshiped over years.

Ghar Wapasi will not only reduce the danger of Islam but it will also give people a better of sense of connection with the society and past.