Shiv Mandir, Vangaon

Shiv Mandir, Vangaon

Shiv Mandir

The Shiv Mandir, Maharashtra is a temple in India. A long history that is associated with divine religious destinations describes about creation of outer building long back in 80's. It is situated at the distance of 100m from Railway station of Vangaon 130 km. away from Mumbai city towards Gujarat and 60 km. From Vapi towards Mumbai. The divine Shiv Ling situated inside the main building is associated with many historical stories and is considered to be swayambhu ( naturally available and prayed since ancient times).

Local Tribal people describe about the long prevailing ancient stories associated by the Shiv Ling situated is in the Garbhgruah of temple.

The temple is overcrowded at many occasions like Mahashivratri. There is a good fair at the occasion of mahashivratri.The temple becomes overcrowded again in the month of Shravan to getblessings from Shiv Pooja like Rudrabhishek, Parthiv Ling Pooja, Akhand Ramayan Path, Nava Parayan (ramcharitmanas), Masparayan (Ramcharitmanas) and other Religious Event celebrated.

Shiv Mandir is located in Vangaon, 55 km north to Virar on the western railway lines of Mumbai Suburban Railway Network. Shiv Mandir is located at walking distance from Vangaon railway Station towards west.

Shiv Mandir, Vangaon Building was reestablished by Thakur family and other Local family of Vangaon, in 19th century.The temple existed long since ancient times with only Shiv Ling situated and prayed by local tribal people. Number of stories which are associated and narrated by old tribal peoples to their siblings describe about Shiv Ling and temple.The Ling was prayed since long ancient times without any proper constructed temple building which was then transformed to a good temple by Local People.

Shiv Mandir is the main attraction in Palghar District. According to tribal ancestral stories the shiv ling was formed at the time in Treta-Yug when lord shiv transformed himself to the form of madari to take Hanuman to meet lord Ram in his shildhood. The shivling was then observed by old brahmin and was prayed and preached by his family. Since Long time it is the divine Shiv Ling situated in Shiv Mandir, Vangaon is believed to fulfill desired wishes.