Matangi Mata

Matangi Mata


One of the 10 tantric goddesses Matangi is the fierce depiction of the Devi. Also considered as the tantric side to Goddess Saraswati she governs speech, knowledge, music and arts. The worship of Goddess Matangi grants supernatural powers allowing the deity to master the art of controlling his enemies.

Her most popular form is the Ucchista Chandalini form which is a depiction of the pollution and inauspiciousness of the Indian society. Treated as an outcaste from society she is often given left over food to eat and that too with dirty or unwashed hands. She is depicted as being green in colour and carries a noose, sword, goad and club. Her other form known as Raja Matangi carries a Veena and a parrot.

Matangi As per Hindu Mythology once Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi visited Shiva and Parvati. While tasting the food offered some of it fell to the ground. From the fallen Prasad originated a Goddess known as Ucchista Matangini. Once Parvati left Siva and went away. To test her faithfulness Siva took the form of an ornament maker. Parvati got furious and disguised herself as a huntress.

To please her Siva took the form of Chandala and made love to her in this form. The Devi then requested him to make love in this form so that she could stay as the Ucchista-Chandalini. According to another legend Sage Matanga did penance to suppress all other creatures. Goddess Tripurasundari appeared and she emitted some rays from her eyes from which Devi Kali emerged and she had a green complexion. She was known as Raja Matangini and thus all creatures were controlled.

Matangi is considered to be the advisor to Goddess Tripura Sundari who calls on her to gain control over speech and knowledge. It is also believed that Goddess Meenakshi Amman at Madurai is actually a form of Devi Matangi. Also worshipped as Ellama she enforces the story of Parsurama placing Renuka’s head on a recluse woman.

Hence Matangi appears in different forms and complexions. Her Tantric Saraswati form is white while Tribal Chandal form is brown or black. Her Madurai Meenakshi form is green in complexion. Goddess Matangi can also be associated with the Full moon. The mahavidyas represent one or the other representation of the eternal Mother. They are regarded as Vidyas or multiple ways of looking at the Tantric knowledge. Matangi is the centre of Speech and resides in the Throat. She is radiant as the moon and grants wishes only if you refrain from criticizing women and appreciate them as Goddesses.