Shivleelamrut 11 Adhyay

Shivleelamrut 11 Adhyay

All shiva bhakts know the importance of Shivleelamrut. The book narrates the greatness of Lord Shiva and how his worshippers can attain moksha. It is believed that this book is as sacred as vedas themselves. However for all people it is not possible to wear rudraksh and read the book every day.

For that there is Shivleelamrut 11th Adhyay. This 11th chapter alone is as good as rest of the Shivleelamrut and if you can not read the entire book you may read this 11th adhyay alone.

You should however always have bath, pray before a photo of bholenath or visit a temple before reading the book.

कोणत्याही सोमवारी सायंकाळी शंकराच्या मंदिरात जाऊन ११ बेलाची पाने पिंडीवर वहावीत व शंकराचे यथाशास्त्र दर्शन घेऊन " मी शंकराना प्रसन्न करून शांति, समाधान, आनंद प्राप्त करण्यासाठी श्रीशिवलीलामृत पोथीचे ७ दिवसात पारायण करणार आहे तरी हे कार्य भगवान् श्रीशंकरानी कृपा करून पूर्ण करून घ्यावे." अशी प्रार्थना करावी व तेथे किंवा स्वत:च्या घरी येऊन रात्रीच्या भोजनापूर्वी शिवलीलामृत पोथी वाचावी. शूचिर्भूत असावे.

The story

A king in Kashmir and his minister are upset that both their sons show no interest in luxuries of life and instead are focused on shiva bhakti. Sage Parashar visits them and tells them the story of prostitute Mahananda. She was a great Shivbhakt and a person of great virtue. Once she made a promise she would not go back on it.

One day Shiva himself arrived at her place disguised as a sage and demands her services for three days. She gladly agrees. However he also has a pricelss shiva lingam which he says must be protected at all cost. If the ligam is destoryed he will kill himself. Mahananda promises its safety on her life.

Later the palace catches fire and the ligam gets destroyed. The sage commits self sacrifice in sorrow and Mahananda too decides to immolate herself but Shiva himself appears at the last moment and saves her. She and the entire town gets Moksha.

However when the palace was burning a monkey and a rooster had escaped the fire and had ran into the jungle. Thus they did not get moksha but still turned out of be worshippers of Shiva and reborn as son of King and Minister.

After hearing this story King and his minister are satisfied.