7 ways Ram Raksha is a powerful protection spell

7 ways Ram Raksha is a powerful protection spell

Few gods in India are as revered as Lord Rama. Lord Rama's most loyal servant is Lord Hanuman. In Kaliyuga both of them have the power to protect their worshippers. Rama raksha stotram is a powerful protection spell. Here are some advantages of it.

It protects you from evil spirits

While it is the praise of Lord Rama it also has ample references to Lord hanuman. Lord Hanuman can easily destroy the evil spirits.

It protects your relationships.

Lord Rama was an unfortunate husband. But he can protect your married and love life from all troubles.

It protects your business. 

Lord Rama can protect your region of dominance. In case you are unable to do a vastu shanti, you can always protect your home with Ram Raksha.

It can protect your health. 

Lord Hanuman and lord Rama saved his brother from the death. They can protect you as well from unexpected illness.

Ram Raksha is extremely beneficial at younger age. 

Young age is a very good to start reading Ramraksha. Read it especially during and after the bath. Give your kids this habit they can keep rest of their life.

Ram Raksha protects wealth. 

While Laxmi worship bring wealth, Ram Raksha can grant it protection from theft and bad habits such as gambling. If you are a compulsive spender never buy anything without chanting Ram raksha once. Soon you will find you are buying less.

Ram Raksha's greatest protection is to your spiritual progress. 

There is no other stotram who can protect your spiritual progress from all other distractions than like Ram Raksha. It is said that once you start chanting it everyday it created a protective aura around you which is visible to all good and bad spirits. It sends right signals to everyone and you will suddenly notice that everything that happens with you is mostly good. No accidents, no sudden losses, no natural disasters, no weird people etc.


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