Question: I am always scared and fearful. What spiritual practice could help me ?

Question: I am always scared and fearful. What spiritual practice could help me ?

Our friend Saurabh asked us this question. Sadhana108 responds.

There are number of reasons why some people feel a constant fear. This could be of several reasons. One is of course the normal physiological and neurological reasons. Other could be a boding presence of a spirit around you. Our body is designed to be fearful of unknown and unexplainable presence. Sometimes it could come from lack of confidence. Sometimes it is because of a curse or black magic put on you by an enemy which creates a lack of confidence.

There are two gods who you should worship. Undoubtedly.

For protection. 

You first need to protect yourself from the evil spirts and curses or black magic. This is best achieved by chanting Ram Raksha Mantra. It is provided here.

Always chant this after you have had bath preferably in the morning before lunch. Sit and read it in a single seating. Wear some object around you. Could be your janeu, a thread around neck or wrist and ring and so on. Focus on it as you chant the mantra. One reading alone is powerful.

For launching a counter offense and increasing your confidence. 

Lord Hanuman is a Rudra himself. As Lord Shiva's avatar he has supreme control over all the dead and beyond. He can not only merely protect you but can utterly destroy any evil sprit or curse that tries to hurt you. But then he is also the God who can grant you confidence.

Here is the ultimate mantra which can give confidence and destroy your curses.

बुद्धिर् बलम् यशो धैर्यम् निर्भयत्वम् अरोगताम् 

अजाड्यम् वाक् पटुत्वम् च​ हनुमत् स्मरणात् भवेत्॥

buddhir balam yasho dhairyam

nirbhayatvam arogatAm

ajADyam vAk paTutvam ca

hanumat smaraNAt bhavet ||

This is one of the simplest slokAs you will come across with a very simple meaning. बुद्धि (buddhi) - intelligence, बलम् (balam) - strength, यश् (yash) - fame, धैर्यम् (dhairyam) - courage, निर्भयत्वम् (nirbhayatvam) - fearlessness,  अरोगताम् (arogatAm) - disease-free health,  अजाड्यम् (ajADyam) - determination,  वाक् पटुत्वम् च​ (vAk paTutvam ca) - and articulateness of speech, will all last forever (भवेत्, bhavet) if you meditate (स्मरणात् , smaraNAt) on Lord Hanuman (हनुमत्, hanumat) at all times.

Chant this mantra thousands of times whenever you can. There is no need to observe any specific ritual around this but if you do a chanting with Ramaraksha while focusing on a object you always wear it would be great. Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman worship together is very very powerful.

Powerful Hanuman Protection Mantra: Vadvanal Stotram

Vadvanal stotram is the most powerful mantra against warding off evil spirits. It is a powerful mantra and should not be taken lightly. We recommend you use this only IF yo ususpect black magic or evil spirts around you.

Remove fear mantras