Mantra for Anxiety : For non-Indians as well

Mantra for Anxiety : For non-Indians as well

Mantras for anxiety is one of the persistent demand of last week. Hence I thought I will write a post about such mantras.

While thousands of our readers have benefited immensely from our spiritual advice and content one of the constant complaint we have heard from some of our users is that most mantras are in Indian languages and hence people from western part of the world are unable to read it and hence benefit from it.

There are two reasons why we avoid giving transliteration for many mantras. Mantras are powerful sounds but they have a meaning as well. Correct pronunciation is supremely critical for many mantras. If pronounced incorrectly their meaning could change, if the person chanting can't understand the spirit of the mantra they wont benefit and in some cases could be harmed. The second reason why we have avoided this is because were under impression that most people reading our content are from India but it appears around 20% of our traffic comes from USA alone.

Please note that Hindu spiritual knowledge is for everyone. It is just plain knowledge like Science and would benefit no matter where you are born and what other traditions your follow unless they are in contradiction to dharmic values.

COVID19 has causes a lot of anxiety everywhere. Yes, spirituality can help you defeat it to very large extent. Anxiety is physiological, psychological and could be paranormal as well. Human evolution has given us senses we don't fully understand and sometimes anxiety could be because of some evil spirit or bad fate as well. But it does not matter. Following spiritual practice will help you.

Day time

Preferably in the morning, ideally sit facing the sunlight. Let the sunlight fall on your face or body. If you live in an apartment where sunlight is not easily accessible sit facing the window in a well lit place. It is preferable you sit cross legged on the floor.

Breath in the following manner while chanting the mantra I have provided below. You need not close your eyes and feel free to read it from your computer or printed paper.

Take a deep breath in slowly, breath till you feel your lungs are really full. Hold the breath for may be half a second and then slowly let your lungs empty. As you do this breathing try to read the following mantra in the mind. Over time you will get a rhythm where you will use your breathing cycle to time with the mantra. This sort of breathing technique is called ujjayi. If you are physically fit, you can follow the more rigorous process.

बुद्धिर् बलम् यशो धैर्यम् निर्भयत्वम् अरोगताम् 

अजाड्यम् वाक् पटुत्वम् च​ हनुमत् स्मरणात् भवेत्॥

buddhir balam yasho dhairyam

nirbhayatvam arogatAm

ajADyam vAk paTutvam ca

hanumat smaraNAt bhavet ||

This is one of the simplest slokAs you will come across with a very simple meaning. बुद्धि (buddhi) – intelligence, बलम् (balam) – strength, यश् (yash) – fame, धैर्यम् (dhairyam) – courage, निर्भयत्वम् (nirbhayatvam) – fearlessness,  अरोगताम् (arogatAm) – disease-free health,  अजाड्यम् (ajADyam) – determination,  वाक् पटुत्वम् च​ (vAk paTutvam ca) – and articulateness of speech, will all last forever (भवेत्, bhavet) if you meditate (स्मरणात् , smaraNAt) on Lord Hanuman (हनुमत्, hanumat) at all times.

This mantra can be read as many times as possible. This is a mantra of Lord Hanuman, the monkey God. Do not mistake him for a primitive creature. Hanuman is a Vanara (Monkey) who is an epitome of human evolution itself. He is exceptionally strong, has infinite powers and strength and he is also one of the wisest Gods everywhere. He is learned in arts including music. However, this exceptionally strong and wise warrior is always engrossed in his master Lord Rama's worship. Rama is Lord Vishnu and Hanuman is Lord Shiva's avatar. They share a lovely bond.

In Kaliyuga (which is the current epoch of peril) Hanuman is one of the active Gods on earth. He is also an immortal which means he is actually living among us somewhere. This powerful being is extremely well known in the world of evil. The ghosts, paranormal powers etc. are extremely scared of him. But he is also the God of all psychological disorders.

So when you chant imagine a protective sphere around you. In this sphere you are sphere and as you chant the mantra the sphere is getting more and more stronger. It is said that if you chant this over 10,000 times over few days you will eventually be greeted by Lord Hanuman himself in the form of a monkey. At that time you will know you are protected.

Night Time 

As you sleep you want peace of mind free of all anxiety. It is recommended you drink non cold water. Something that is not too warm before you sleep. While on bed chant the following mantra. The following mantra is one of the most chanted mantra in entire history of humanity. Regularly Yagyas (sacrifices in fire) are performed where people chant this mantra in 10 million times and more.

Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

This is a simple mantra you can't get wrong. It is also very very liberal mantra which means there is no way you can get this wrong, you can chant it while doing whatever you want. Including while answering natures call. This mantra basically means 'glory and victory to lord rama'.

Rama and Hanuman mantras play extremely well together. All worshippers of Hanuman are worshippers or Rama as well. For this mantra quantity is everything. It is about chanting this as many times as you can. I would recommend chanting it at least 1000 times a day. Something incredible fact about this mantra is that writing it is also one way to feel its power but you can't do it when you are sleeping.


Ujjayi pranayam (breathing exercise) combined with these mantras will help you find freedom from anxiety. Lord Rama and Hanuman would always be protective of you. However remember, this is not an alternative to good exercise, good diet and a healthy engagement with real world. The path of Dharma requires of you that you WALK it and not sit it out. We do not know who you are but you have to find your path and walk it.