Leftwing groups launch an attack on Hindus be hiding behind dubious and unsubstantiated notions of caste

Leftwing groups launch an attack on Hindus be hiding behind dubious and unsubstantiated notions of caste

California has been a breeding ground for all kind of extremest left wing groups who often gang up together to attack those who will not tow their line. Hindus of bay area are one of the most successful ethnic group and yet politically completely uninvolved. Various left leaning organizations like to create their own groups of "victims" but Hindus have not only refused to see themselves as victims they have actually asserted themselves as people who are proud and who have rose up on their own merits.

As one knows, India is a country with legal structures that discriminate based on caste and religion. A lot of Indians fed up of this discrimination at the hands of state come to countries like USA where they can live their own individual life without worries. The economic and individual liberty, the corner store of American values has helped them succeed. The political left in USA hates individual liberty and wants to undermine economic liberty. Over last few years Indians have blown holes into the nonsensical theories left has perpetuated. Whenever left claims that white people are the reason why the preferred victims groups don't succeed many people point out that Indians who are a super minority, follow weird pagan religion and are brown skinned are doing lot better than average white american.

This has been a thorn in the leftist arguments. Like the colonizers of 500 years ago or the missionaries 100 years ago these hateful groups have not propped up a new argument against successful Hindus. "Caste". The idea is to divide Indian-Americans in two fictional groups of successful and unsuccessful groups and then use the later as a victim group with "caste" discrimination as the reason. The idea is to hound average Hindu tech worker and create a new culture of victimization.

Political left wants to categorize Hindus as a suspect group who must be assumed to be evil and discriminatory and demand oversight from the usual lords of social justice.

Hindus in USA must oppose this move tooth and nail and nip it in the bud.


Hindu American Foundation, an organization I have disagreed with in past however is doing an excellent job of countering these fake arguments and holding a mirror to the Santa Clara county association. Bay area bolsheviks must be defeated here if Indian-Americans wish to live peaceful without being hounded by the leftwing hippies.


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