गुप्त हनुमान मंत्र Everything you want to know about Gupta Hanuman Mantra

गुप्त हनुमान मंत्र Everything you want to know about Gupta Hanuman Mantra

The Mantra

ॐ हनुमान पहलवान , वर्ष बारहा का जवान|

हाथ में लड्डू, मुख में पान| आओ आओ बाबा हनुमान|

न आओ तो दुहाई महादेव गौरा -पार्वती की|

शब्द साँचा| पिण्ड काँचा|

फुरो मन्त्र इश्वरो वाचा||

Benefits of the Mantra

ऊपर दिया हुआ मन्त्र एक गुप्त शाबर मन्त्र है और कहा जाता है की शिवजी ने खुद इसे दिया है। इसे हर शनिवार १०८ बार जपे तो खुद हनुमान किसी न किसी स्वरुप में आपको दर्शन देंगे।

This is a secrete hanuman mantra and a shabar mantra. It is effective in kaliyuga as well and can help you attain blessings from Hanuman directly. Not only Hanuman can grant your wishes he can appear before you if you chant this mantra properly.

The ritual to read this mantra

This mantra is a shabar mantra and must be chanted very carefully. Always have bath first before chanting this mantra. Preferably sit facing east and remember Lord Shri Rama and then chant this mantra 108 times. Offer white flowers to the Lord Hanuman idol if you have one at home, else offer white flower to a tree.

Do not eat meat while you are chanting this mantra. In order to get whatever you desire from Lord Hanuman chant this for 18 days.

History of Gupta Hanuman Mantra

This is a shabar mantra which means this mantra traces its history to Lord Shiva who created the Shabar mantras for the use in Kaliyuga. As you might already know, at the start of Kaliyuga Lord Shiva decided to end the power of mantras as the people on earth were not worthy of such power. However in order to help people deal with basic problems he created some new less powerful mantras called Shabar Mantras. Gupta Hanuman mantra is believed to be one of them.


Any shabar mantra should be chanted with great care only with very noble intentions. The mantra is very potent when dealing with problems that are unusual such as ghosts, vastu issue, trouble from sadesati, black magic etc. These mantras were created specifically for that. This mantra is useless when the intention is impure such as harming others, revenge, lust and so on.

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