Communist conference on dismantling Hinduism fails to make an impact

Communist conference on dismantling Hinduism fails to make an impact

What started as an academic "conference" became a mockery of itself. One good thing about political left is that while they try try to dress up as sheep their wolf like fangs show up pretty soon so that even left leaning individuals tend to get shocked.

The dismantling hinduism conference that was championed by some far left communists in India and USA fell flat on its face as their shoddy scholarship and weird marxist fringe ideas started getting exposed.

What started as a hate conference that was meant to throw as much mud as possible on Hindus devolved into a hate festival that was mostly limited to twitter storm of nonsense. Some of the tweets by the handle of conference were deleted as the conference organizers probably realized that they cross the line and exposed themselves.

What is remarkable about Hinduism is that it is individual driven. Just like this blog, thousands of Hindus observed and criticized the conference in their own individual capacity. But not much hard work was needed as the conference appeared to be so bad in terms of scholarship that even their own supporters showed great displeasure at such level of incompetence.

As per a Hindu, Vijay Gajera the masterminds behind the conference were two communists from USA with Indian roots.

Ania Loomba daughter of communist parents and professor at Pennsylvania university had played a very crucial role in this protest. Her communist husband Suvir Kaul was also part of this.

Anti Hindu propaganda Historian Audrey Truschkey joined Ania's communist organization CAFI. Coalition against Fascism in India.

The nonsense of the conference

Twitter world eventually started mocking and making fun of the conference as their twitter handle started tweeting the "scholarship" which was actually pure nonsense that could be debunked by visit to Wikipedia (the leftist encyclopedia).

Brahminism caused Nazism

One of the key takeways from this hate conference was that Brahminism caused Nazism in Germany. Yes, you heard it right. Somehow Hindus and especially Brahmins were responsible for Hitler.

Indian nation is a "Penis". 

Now only a Phd in Gender Studies and Social justice might somehow explain what that means. What this exposed is the deep hatred the leftist eco system has for a poor country that refused and eventually defeated Communism.



When Freud meets Fraud. Nation state of India is a giant Phallus

The use of phrase "Andolan"

Communist nonsense relies on using fancy phrases which mostly mean violence of first steps towards violence. In India we call these people jholachaap folks because they use a bag and are constantly protesting and complaining about literally everything.

So the conference overused the word "andolan" probably to signify this eternal communist desire to set things on fire.

As usual this is a lame attempt to put Muslims (erstwhile colonizers of India) with Dalits (a constitutionally recognized group) which probably works in favor of Muslims lot more than Dalits.


The conference which pretended to be about Hinduism continued to obsess over Islam without any substantiated claim.

The cherry on the top however was the "scholarly" nonsense like this.

Actually Indian government has a dedicated AYUSH ministry incharge of promoting Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy. The name of the ministry itself stands for "The Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Sowa-Rigpa and Homoeopathy" . 

It is worth noting that none of these American scholars have asked their own country to recognize any of these medical fields. In fact homeopathy in USA is considered a fraud. Ayurveda alone to some extent has legal protection as it actually is able to pass double blindfold test.

Linking what is essentially a medical practice which predates Islam or communism with a fictionalized instances of "cow vigilantism" is pure whataboutry that the twitter community enjoyed as a joke.


Many well meaning hindus took the conference too seriously than they should have as it turned out to be some kind of mutual mental masturbation session of the far left and fringe communist ideologues in USA. Pardon my use of a sexual metaphor but I am purely using it to mirror the "scholarly conference's" metaphor of a giant dick for Indian nation state.