Mantras for Anxiety.

Mantras for Anxiety.

Disclaimer: If you are facing an health emergency please reach out to medical emergency help specific to your region. Dial 911 if you are in USA. This article does not provide medical advice and you should reach out to a medical professional for medical advice. This is a religious and spiritual advice.

Anxiety has become a big problem all around the world. Often people resort of therapy or medications to keep it in control. Regular exercise and overall good outlook towards life is considered to help fight anxiety.

In Hinduism there are several methods of reducing anxiety. Bhastrika Pranayam is a breathing technique that you can use to reduce your anxiety instantly but there are mantras as well that you can chant day and night to help you fight anxiety on an ongoing basis.

Hanuman Mantra: 

God Hanuman is an enemy of anxiety. He is confident, super sure, powerful, intelligent and always a victor. He derives his strength from his deep love and great connection with Lord Rama. In some sense he shows how total surrender to your Lord can help you overall all the problems of your life.

The following mantra specifically implores lord Hanuman to grant you freedom from anxiety.

Budhir-balam, Yasho-dhay-ryam, Nirbhayatsvam, Arogata

(Intelligence, mentral strenght, success with strenght of mind, fearless attitude, lack of diseases)

Ajinkyam, Vakpatutvamch, Hanumad Smaranarth Bhavet

(Victory, Fluency with speech, will be granted if you remember Lord Hanuman).

Remember that the power of Hanuman Mantras will increase if you also worship Lord Rama. Always chant this Rama Mantra whenever you can.

Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram.

Both these mantras can be chanted 100% of the time. In fact as long as you chant them anxiety will stay away from you with the help of Lord Rama and Hanuman.