Chaitra Pornima Hanuman Jayanti Mantra

Chaitra Pornima Hanuman Jayanti Mantra

Chaitra Pornima is Hanuman Jayanti. On this day, Vayuputra Hanuman arrived on earth as a part of Lord Shiva himself. He became the greatest Ram Bhakt of all times. A personification of wisdom, strength, poetry, music and devotion.

Hanuman is an immortal which means he is still living among us on planet earth. He will be here till the end of time. Which also makes in one of the most powerful gods in Kaliyuga where Gods are typically not seen on earth.

Hanuman Jayanti is a special day when you can get blessings of Lord Hanuman. It is a Pornima which means it is full moon day when Chandra Prakash is at the maximum. We can use this for our benefit.


On Ram Navami go to a Ram temple and take darshana. Take a flower as prasadam and keep it with you till chaitra pornima.

Sadhana begins in the evening after sunset. You first invoke Shri Ganesha and then invoke Shri Rama.

Om Ganeshay Namah 21 times.

Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram. 108 times.

Then sit outdoors or at some place where you can see open sky and chant following hanuman mantra 1,100 times. If you can chant it longer it is even better.

ॐ नमो भगवते आंजनेयाय महाबलाय स्वाहा |

While you chant the mantra keep in front of you a glass of milk, some oil in a metal container, white flowers and some sindhur. Also keep the flower you obtained from Rama temple.

As you chant imagine that you are offering all these things except milk to Lord Hanuman. Pray with devotion and love.

Once you are ready to get up then chant above Ram Mantra 108 times. Then tell whatever you have in your heart to Lord Hanuman and then get up.

Wait till you are able to see the moon in the night and then show the milk to the moon. Let the moonlight fall on the milk for several minutes. Then consider it as Prasad from Lord Hanuman and drink it.

The oil, flower, sindhur etc. should then be offered to the hanuman temple either the same night or the next time you go to visit the hanuman temple.


This sort of Sadhana is only for people with spiritual nature and it is not a transaction. It means you need to act like a good human being through out the day. Preferably from Ram Navami till end of Chaitra month.

Avoid bad language, bad food and bad actions. Do not take or give bribes, stay loyal to your employer, do charity and do not steal.