Complete guide to Nilavanti Book and its mysteries

Complete guide to Nilavanti Book and its mysteries


Nilavanti granth of Nilavanti book (निळावंती ग्रंथ) is also known as the Karnavati book has remained an ancient legend for a long time. A lot of misinformation about the book is being spread around the world and in the times of internet, lot of people have been lookin for the copies of this book. However it is hard to ascertain truth about this book and its mysteries. In this complete guide we are bringing before you the book's details for the first time on internet. Howevever, we want to caution readers that the book Nilavanti is an old relic of distant mystical past and chasing the book will have consequences. If you are one of those who belives in science and scientific temperament or reading this only to talk bad about the book, then please be cautioned that you should not read this book.

Table of contents

  1. What is Nilavanti Book - निळावंती ग्रंथ

  2. Brief History

  3. The British government connection with Nilavanti Book

  4. Marathi story of Nilavanti

  5. Nilavanti the cursed apsara story

  6. Mantras of Nilavanti

    1. Why Mantras dont work in Kaliyuga
    2. Why Nilavanti is an exception
    3. Nilavanti and your connection
  7. Finding the book

  8. Why did people go mad allegedly after reading Nilavanti ?

  9. Myths about Nilavanti

  10. Conclusion

What is Nilavanti Book - निळावंती ग्रंथ

Nilavanti book is a legend in India, it is a book supposed to contain extremely secret knowledge that gives reader power to talk to animals and heal diseases. However it also has side effects which can cause death or mental breakdown among its readers.

Brief History

It all started with folks sharing a small article abou this book on internet few years ago. The article made following points.

  1. Nilavanti book was a book of mantras that granted reader powers like ability to talk to animals, healing diseases and so on.

  2. The book was banned by British government because it granted people powers and some people went mad after reading it.

  3. That a certain Haibati baba had this book and a certain Maharaj from Maharashtra also had some pages of this book.

  4. Indian government too is actively tryin to ban the book.

After this various people around the country started making books and videos about this book and some even charging money to allegedly give people PDF of this book.

As time passed more claims came to light. One of that was that this book was known to exist to many people including people in Rishikesh, Kashmir, Ramesvharam, Kolkata and so on. But no one was able to produce the copy of book itself. All that was there was perhaps legends and claims.

However we talked to many and investigated this in detail. We questioned many yogis, experts of British-India history and occult practioners. While there appears to be some truth to the existence of such book and many such evidence found in last 200 years, the book itself or the claim that it was banned remains completely unverifiable.

We did compiled few stories about the origins of this book we think are credible.

The British government connection with Nilavanti Book

British government did not ban Nilavanti. No such official record exists. However, Mr. James Crawford, an expert in British colonial history noted that during the rule of East India Company, many british officers use to steal from the company and run away to USA. Diamonds, gold and other artifefacts were being stolen by East India company from India and their own corrupt employees were stealing it from East India company.

Among many items that East India company and its officials tried to steal were items that allegedly had mystical powers. Horn of Rishabhasura which allegedly gave very high sexual power to whoever touched, Golden coin of Kubera that granted more gold each night to the person who owns it, Nataraja statue of Nimisharanya which brough immense luck and long life were many such artifacts that East India company has believed to have tried to steal. In such pursuite, they hired one Captain from British Royal Army to search for such artifacts in the jungles of Madhyapradesh. The name of this Captain of was Captain Edmund Ashmore.

A small party of East India thugs had learned of mystical healing waters of an ancient well deep into the forest in Madhyapradesh. It could cure some of the worst illnesses. The Spanish were searching for the Fountain of Youth in South America where as British tried to find it in India. This well's water could grant eternal youth if consumed regularly. However, no one know where the well was. There was an ancient Shiva Temple in the forest which required a very hard and dangerous climb. Only on Pornima of each month a priest would appear in the temple somehow and would also take people to the well. However no human being other than the priest could find the well again.

When the East India Company's thugs managed to reach the temple they tried to force the priest to draw a map and beat him up. He in return cursed the soldiers who got a very dangerous form of plague. They did not die but lived in immense paid rest of their lives. Seeing them, East India Company thought they should somehow investigate the powers of the priest and the water.

Captain Ashmore went to the forest pretending to be a seeker. A student of Hinduism. He begged the priest to teach him the mystical arts. In his heart however Captain Ashmore, wanted to cheat the priest and steal his knowledge and the water of the well.

The priest however asked Captain to go through very hard tasks. Asked him to learn Sanskrit, Astronomy and various other subjects. Fetch water from the bottom of thw foothills three times a day and was the Shivalingam. Cpatain Ashmore however did this without complaining for over 3 years and was actually known in the nearby villages as Gorababa.

The priest would bring the water of the well every pornima and give it to the needy and always offered it to Ashmore as well who refused to drink it. He insisted that he is interested in knowing the art behind it.

The East India company thinking that Ashmore is either dead or has joined the Hindus, sent an assasin to kill him. The assasin mortally injured Ashmore when he was in the village to fetch water. The villagers rescused him and rushed him to the temple. The priest appeared and took him to the well. Ashmore was healed of the mortal wound but also went blind in the process.

Ashmore fell to the feet of the guru and begged his forgiveness. He admited that he was worng and his heart was impure. The guru learning that forgave him and also told him the reality of the well and its water.

It was not the water that had healing powers but rather a bird, that the guru could summon, the bird when touched the water gave waters the powers it had. The summoning of the bird was an ancient art called Garuda tantra. Garuda tantra was super ancient art that had survived the time and survived right into Kaliyuga with only few practioners left in the world. The other practitioner of this was a female known to Ashmore's Guru and was called Nilavanti. According to the guru she was the one who taught the tantra to Guru. Ashmore also sat at the feet Nilavanti and learned the art from her. Ashmore however could not convert her teachings into written word because the sounds of those mantras were not in Sanskrit but were rather from an even ancient extinct language.

Ashmore being englightened, refused to spread this art but instead chose to live the life of an ascetic near Benaras. He rarely spoke of these events but over time the blind Gorababa became very popular amoung the white people in British India. Some journalists wrote about this in England and the British newspapers thought of this as Nilavanti Book.

Gorababa continued to live in Benaras and also taught some basic healing techniques of some people who later made them popular as Surya Siddhanta.

Marathi story of Nilavanti

A credible story of Nilavanti is also available in Marathi language.

Nilavanti the cursed apsara story

In previous article we saw about Gorababa and his link to a female guru Nilavanti. However, Gorababa being blind never saw Nilavanti. Hence no one knows how she looked. It could be that Nilavanti that Gorababa met is the same or she is a different one. We won't know, but we hear about Nilavanti again this time from Yogi Mahlakshya Ghodewale (YMG). YMG is a well known Yogi often seens in Himalayas. It is believed that he is one of the very few people who walks among us while also having access to Siddhashram or Gyanganj. Siddhashram is a place in Himalaya which is home to divya atmas on earth. The rishis, munis, devatas etc. live there while the place can not be seen with any human technology.

This place is so famous that KGB, CIA and even Hitler tried to find it. It is known as Shangrila in popular culture and one American president even named the official holiday home of President of USA to Shangrila. Very few people have visited Siddhashrama and returned back.

Siddhashrama is a refuge for the great souls who can not live in the sinful nature of earth in Kaliyuga. YMG is one such yogi who can enter Siddhashrama and come back. He rides a beautiful white horse. He ofte rescues stranded pilgrims and other yogis in Himalaya and is also seen by many Indian and Chinese soliders too.

The reason why YMG is seen in the real world is that he has a responsibility to catch stuck souls of celestial beings on earth and guide them to Siddhashrama. He narrated the story of Nilavanti apsara to one of the pilgrims and he had allegedly rescused this curses apsara and took her to Siddhashrama. YMG also told others that Siddhashrama has world's greatest library of ancient texts. That the library is build inside the mountain and has thousands of floors underground and is lit by natural gas cleverly moved through the walls and a great rishi from Satyayuga is the head of the library and Nilavanti book is merely an irrelevant book in such vast treasure trove of ancient texts.

Nilavanti Apsara was cursed millions of years ago in a different world and she was exiled as a stone in space. There she travelled purposeless and aimless. No one really knows why because she is from an ancient time. Time that predates all human history and is perhaps in the first few moments of Brahma's first day of life.

The stone crashed on earth thousands of years ago and stayed at the bottom of a lake. Until, a great King from Tretayuga noticed that something was wrong with the lakes water. Everything in he lake grew very large in size and the lake attracted all animals and weird life forms. Humans who went into the water not only died but they bodies disappeared and appeared suddenly and never rotted.

After performing a big yagnya and various religious rituals, some rishi was able to understand that an ancient power was stuck in there. The power was so great that rishi told the king to seal the lake forever and burry it with large stones. The King did as told. However, as large stones were thrown into the lake, one of them hit the stone which was Apsara and cut it into half, freeing up the Apsara.

Now, no one knows her name but she was completely disoriented in the forest. She roamed from tree to tree and animal to animal, keeping herself invisible to humankind which she saw as corrupt and sinful.

Eventually as Kaliyuga approached the council of Siddhashrama tasked YMG to search for various such souls and bring them to Siddhshrama. YMG managed to find the Apsara in year 1834 or so. She being a really ancient power did not know any human language but could see YMG from his aura of spiritual power.

Even Yogi Mahalakshya said that he is easily one of the oldest being he had ever met, given that he had also met Chiranvjivis like Vyas and Hanuman.

Apsara even though was invisible, she had a spiritual power around herself which impact the rest of the world aroud her. For example, wherever she travelled trees grew faster and bigger, animals birthed more, healthy huma babies were born and people mysteriously got rid of their diseases.Wherever she saw sin and bad behaviour, she felt stressed which created famine and natural disasters.

She whispers in the ears of animals which is then said to have become Garuda Tantra, some of the mantras were convyed from these animals to other souls who could talk to animals. That is how Animal world told the other humans about the existence of this apsara.

YMG said that she was one of the most beautiful and radiant figure that looked like a woman. She wore silk robes and wore a large blue diamond aroudn her neck because of which she was called Nilavanti.

Was there a book called Nilavanti too? YMG thinks so there was a book but it was not written by Nilavanti herself. The forests she roamed had an ascetic who went mad because of his prolonged exposure to Nilavanti. In his madness he wrote random words on parchment which made no sense and yet whoever read them saw instant benefits.

We will see about these mantras in next section.

Mantras of Nilavanti

Why Mantras dont work in Kaliyuga

You must have read how Arjuna could just chant a mantra and use an astra or how a random sage could chant a mantra to achieve unthinkable. But in Kaliyuga these things do not happen. Have you wondered why ?

When the Yugas change Lord Shiva who is responsible for the destruction of the world, destroys some aspects of the previous Yuga. He did what is called "keelan" of all the ancient mantras when Kaliyuga started. Keelan means putting a nail on. This means no ancient mantra works in this world anymore. Only people with exceptional spritual power can use some new mantras but that is it.

Why Nilavanti is an exception

Nilavanti is a timeless soul. She was not part of the usual cycle of Yugas. Hence she was not bound by the rules of Yugas. Nor her knowledge was any mantras, she was just pure ancient energy and her presence made difference to the minds of people around her and put completely new sound mantras into their head.

Nilavanti and your connection

Many decades ago an American author names HP Lovecraft created a villain named Cuthullu. He is a huge animal like with head of an octopus and body of a humanoid lion. It is said that Cuthullu is an ancient being pretty much like Nilavanti. Cuthullu sleeps in the dept of Artic ocean and he is mentally connected to all planet earth. When his sleep is disturbed it impacts minds of humans leading to wars and crazyness.

However surprising part is that Cuthullu though was invented in United States by a mentally disturbed author, it turns out many others in different parts of the world had already thought about the same creature. This means perhaps Cuthullu is real in some sense.

Nilavanti could also be one such creature and the fact that you are searching for her on internet could mean some cosmic connection between you and her. Her book is merely a part of her.

Finding the book

The book is lost to time for certain as per YMG. Sages like YMG are tasked by Siddhashram to find such artifacts and return them to Siddhashram. YMG did not find such book himself but said if it existed most certainly it has been found and rescused.

No one is likely to have the full book but some of the mantras from the book might have learned by many and transfered from one person to another.

मँत्र: ।।ॐ ठह: ठहः स्वाहा ॐ नमो ॐ नमो भगवतै रुद्राय दृष्टि लापिताहार: स्वाहा दुहाई कसासुर कि दुहाई फुरो मँत्र ईश्वरो वाचा

The above mantra is well known as one of the Shabar mantra that can attract any person to you if you chant it 10,000 times.

However be warned that this mantra can have deep side effects.

One page of the original manuscript is believed to be in a library in Kolkata which is open only to a secret club members. But the manuscript only has symbols in it and not any known language. Later it was found that some of those symbols had human genome code.

Why did people go mad allegedly after reading Nilavanti ?

It is not that people went mad for reading the book. Nilavanti mantras are super ancient and as a result human mind is not meant to utter those sounds and interpret those symbols. It can cause mental stress for reading it.

Myths about Nilavanti

  • Nilavanti was written by Bhaskarachaya. This is completely false. Bhaskaracharya wrote the book Leelavati which is about mathematics.
  • Nilavanti was written by Maurti Chittampalli. This is true but this is a different book and it is autobiography of Mr. Maruti Chitampalli.
  • Nilavanti book is available for download on internet. This is 100% false. The book is not available on internet.


Nilavanti is a legend. All that is known about the book is heresay. Very few people have learned anything significant about this book. We have tried to compile some of the greatest secrets about the book. We have found more mantras from the book but we will not share them with anyone as the mantras could be dangerous for you.

Nilavanti granth PDF download: Please note that there are some PDF books circulating as Nilavanti. We have verfied those including the one writted by Bhaskaracharya. That book is not same as this book. As we have told you, the PDF book is not available.